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Prospective Athletes

Chabot Gladiators 2019-2020 New Student-Athlete Checklist
Please complete all 8 steps on the new student-athlete checklist as soon as possible.
1. Apply
Apply to Chabot College at: Indicate that you are 
a high school graduate.  You will receive an email with your Chabot College W# or ID# (W12345678). You must save/remember 
this number.
2. Orientation
a. Please complete the online new student-orientation. Directions on how to complete the 
b. Attend the mandatory Student-Athlete Orientation in August. You will receive further 
information from your coach at a later date.
3. Math and English Guided Self-Placement
You MUST completed the Math and English guided self-placement process. You can do this on your 
Class Web under student-services. You must have this completed prior to meeting with the athletic 
counselor.  Also, if you have completed one of the items below, we will need that information to proceed 
in the process.
a. Some students receive their math and English placement through successful EAP (supplemental 
STAR testing during high school junior year) and/or AP scores.
b. A third option for receiving your math and English placement is by successfully completing a 
college-level math and/or English course at another college with a grade of C or higher.
4. Meet with Athletics Counselor
You must meet with Jerome Manos, the Chabot College Athletic Counselor, to set up an Educational 
Plan.  The Athletic Counseling office is in building 2600 (Room 2609). Drop in hours are available. 
You MUST have completed your guided self-placement in Math and English and unofficial or official transcripts from any previous 
institutions attended when you arrive, YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN WITHOUT THEM!
5. Register for classes
Classes at Chabot College fill up quickly, so please make registration a high priority. You can 
register for classes via Class Web. Here is the link to your Class Web: 
6. Financial Aid
Apply for federal financial aid by going to You can contact Chabot College 
Financial Aid Services for assistance: The Chabot College 
Financial Aid code is: 001162
7. Transcripts and Test Scores
a.  Have official high school transcripts sent to Chabot College Admissions and Records: 
b.  Have any Advanced Placement test scores (3 or higher) and transcripts for coursework completed 
at another college sent to Chabot College Admissions and Records. You must also submit an 
“Evaluation of Transferred Coursework Request or AP Test Evaluation” found on the Admissions and 
Records webpage under “Admissions
& Records forms” to receive college credit.
8. NCAA Eligibility Center
a.  If you have goals of transferring and competing at an NCAA Division I or Division II 
institution, it is vital that you determine whether you are a qualifier or nonqualifier, which is 
based on your high school academic record.  See the NCAA Qualifier Quick Reference Guide for more 
b.  Qualifiers and Nonqualifiers follow a different set of transfer rules. You MUST register with 
the NCAA Eligibility Center at to officially make this determination.
c.  Have official transcripts and SAT/ACT scores sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center.