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The End of an Era

Ken Grace (right) with Head Track and Field/Cross-Country Coach Kyle Robinson (left).
Ken Grace (right) with Head Track and Field/Cross-Country Coach Kyle Robinson (left).

"Those that have health, have hope; and those who have hope, have everything."

This Arabian proverb connects our health and the many different aspects of our lives.  Luckily, for the last 24 years, Ken Grace has walked (actually ran) through the halls of Chabot College sharing the importance of health with anyone and everyone who he could reach.  Through ingenious curriculum development, mentorship, and the always reliable "Health Tip of the Day," Ken has enthusiastically shared the importance of living a healthy life to the forefront of the campus mindset.  As a result, Ken's tireless commitment to health has positively transformed the lives of an unmeasurable number of students, staff, faculty and community members in the greater bay area

Unfortunately for all of us at Chabot, Ken has walked into retirement as a full-time faculty member this past December. As we wish him well in his retirement, it is important to reflect on his accomplishments during his tenure as a Gladiator.

After being hired in 1995 as the Dean of Athletics, Ken began a career at the college that would span nearly every aspect of employment.  After serving three years as an administrator, he would find his way back into the classroom, serving as a faculty member for the majority of his remaining time at the college.  In doing so, Ken transformed the areas of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Kinesiology at Chabot by spending countless hours writing curriculum and developing programs that have changed our landscape of health.  For example, Ken implemented Chabot's Healthy Aging program, which is a non-credit offering for aging populations to improve their overall health and fitness.  The popular program, designed by Ken and other members of the Division of Health, Kinesiology and Athletics, connects Chabot College with a wide range of members of the surrounding community, in a state of the art facility.  Since the completion of the facility, Ken has served as the official, "unofficial" coordinator for many of the programs that are housed there.

Moreover, Ken is an award winning track and field coach.  From 1999 to 2003, Coach Grace successfully served as the Head Track & Field, and Cross-Country Coach for the Gladiators.  After taking a brief time away from the coaching world to watch his daughter compete as a high school athlete, he returned as an Assistant Track & Field coach from 2004-2009, took over the program again from 2010-2013, and has most recently served as a mentor and Assistant Track and Cross-Country Coach for Kyle Robinson during the past five years.  Through this body of work, Ken has coached numerous student-athletes to conference, regional and state championships.

Overall, it has been Ken's devotion to people has made him such an invaluable pillar of the Chabot College family.  Due to his commitment in the classroom, dedication to the athletics program, and involvement in committee work, his willingness to help others succeed has instilled inspiration and hope throughout the Chabot College community, and has left an legacy that will benefit generations for years to come.

So, if you haven't heard, there is an Arabian proverb that states that "Those that have health, have hope; and those who have hope, have everything."  For those of us who know Ken Grace, it would be hard to imagine hearing this proverb without immediately thinking of all of his contributions to our community.  We are all healthier in many ways because of him, and as a result, there are so many who have transformed their lives through the hope that his work and programs have created for students, staff, and faculty.  So with health and hope already covered, and in accordance to the aforementioned proverb, it is apparent that there is only one thing left to say;

Thank you Ken Grace for pretty much giving us everything.